Research carried out by the UK solicitors network QualitySolicitors ( of 250 SME decision makers expects demand for flexible coworking office space is set to grow. Some of the findings as follows:

  1. 71% of SMEs predicting this to be a priority for them
  2. 42% believe that having a flexible and adaptable space where they can grow is ‘more important’
  3. 8%, say it’s important to be able to interact and collaborate on ideas with other businesses within their community
  4. 39% are looking for a workspace with networking opportunities.
  5. 54% claim they want flexible, short term lets when negotiating their lease
  6. 53% would demand a break clause to prevent them from being tied down if the space is no longer practical for their business. 
Andell Studios Coworking 

Andell Studios Coworking