Top five things SMEs look for when negotiating a lease are:

  1. Repair works covered by landlord
  2. Right to renew the lease when it comes to an end
  3. Cost of shared services and facilities
  4. Flexible, short term let
  5. Break clause

(source UK solicitors network QualitySolicitors of 250 SME decision makers 2016, (

At Andell Studios we take care of all the repairs, we have a variety of options regarding leases and licenses, depending on your particular business set up, we include everything in the rent, including broadband, heating  and power, and there are no service charges we stick on at the end. What we publish on our website is what we pay!

We have leases that can be as short as you need them to be.  

It is in our own interests for your business to prosper, and we want to help you in our own little way, which in turn, helps us!